Matthew Sawrey

a portfolio of videogame writings

Broken Age

Broken Age is a ‘90s point and click adventure game, one made over a decade after the ‘90s ended. It’s the product of Double Fine’s recent and hugely successful Kickstarter campaign … Continue reading

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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode One

Rapture really is a handsome city. The original Bioshock showcased the dishevelled ruggedness of Andrew Ryan’s fish tank, guiding us around a crumbling art deco metropolis connected by leaking glass tubes. Now Burial … Continue reading

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With a boy-meets-girl premise strongly influenced by Ico and a soundtrack fronted by Claude Debussy’s Clare de Lune, Rain has its sights aimed squarely at your heartstrings. And for the most part, Playstation C.A.M.P’s short … Continue reading

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Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

It’s the scratching behind that door that sounds like trotters scraping on wood. It’s the porcelain pig mask that wasn’t there a minute ago, but now stares blankly in your … Continue reading

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Like the green printed circuit boards that its level art evokes, Michael Brough’s 868-HACK is a work of precision engineering. Its clean cut lines and rigid structures are all visually and mechanically … Continue reading

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Based on its initial appearance, it would be easy to assume that Might and Delight’s Shelter is going to be a relaxing experience. An earthy, pastel palette and breezy soundtrack give it … Continue reading

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Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches

Lithe, deceptive and deadly: the titular antagonists of Dishonored’s second story based DLC, The Brigmore Witches, make for formidable opponents, armed with Outsider granted sorcery and ghostly pet hellhounds. These green skinned, … Continue reading

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Gone Home

Open a closet door in the Greenbriar household and amongst the stacks of storage boxes and shelves of dusty books, you’re likely to find a nugget of character development. A … Continue reading

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The Last Door

Choice can be an engaging aspect of interactive narratives, but in the opening scene of The Last Door, Spanish developers The Game Kitchen succinctly demonstrate that a lack of choice can … Continue reading

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Pikmin 3

Remarkably for a twelve year old franchise, Pikmin still feels like a fresh take on the strategy genre. Perhaps that’s because Nintendo’s frugal management of the series has sheltered it … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct never manages to evoke the instinctual need to survive, despite how hard it tries. Yes, there are moments when the undead horde will take you by … Continue reading

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Impossible Road

Overtly, Impossible Road’s premise is about as simple as they come: guide a rolling ball down a winding pathway for as long as you can. It’s a distance platformer – Super Monkey … Continue reading

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Bioshock Infinite

Columbia, Bioshock Infinite’s floating city in the sky, is a vividly imagined place, a marriage of impossible engineering and incredible artistry. Its buildings sway amongst the clouds buoyed atop huge zeppelins … Continue reading

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Year Walk

Wandering through the wintery Swedish forests of Year Walk is an eerily disquieting experience. Snow drifts silently across your view as you make your way down paths lined with ominously suggestive carvings … Continue reading

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