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Broken Age

brokenageBroken Age is a ‘90s point and click adventure game, one made over a decade after the ‘90s ended. It’s the product of Double Fine’s recent and hugely successful Kickstarter campaign – a distinctly modern method of funding – and yet, the only obvious indication that this is a 21st century creation is its painterly visuals, and even these lovely brushstrokes can be de-resolved to pixels for the full retro experience. Still, beneath the clear and present nostalgia shines a beating, characterful heart that succeeds in not being constrained by expectations, but embracing and building upon them.

Given its retrospective sensibilities, the game’s title is something of an apt descriptor for the circumstance of its creation – it feels like a game made in a different time. But it’s also more directly a reference to its split narrative structure. This is, in fact, two ‘90s point and click adventure titles in one, each built with the same gameplay, but taking place in different locations.

Read on over at Thunderbolt.


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