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Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches

brigmoreLithe, deceptive and deadly: the titular antagonists of Dishonored’s second story based DLC, The Brigmore Witches, make for formidable opponents, armed with Outsider granted sorcery and ghostly pet hellhounds. These green skinned, stalky veined sirens are a clear and present danger, the kind of palpable threat that Dishonored lacked. Engage them, and you’re likely to regret it, which is ironic considering that this second half of the Empress murdering assassin Daud’s story is entirely focussed on reaching their hideout for a confrontation with their enigmatic leader, Delilah.

Hinted at in the disappointing cliff-hanger to the preceding DLC, The Knife of Dunwall, Delilah’s importance is a carrot constantly dangling in front of Daud’s face. What eventually becomes apparent in the excellent third and final mission when he reaches that carrot is that, besides posing a freshly designed threat, this magical coven is also the narrative thread that cleverly weaves Daud’s actions back into the tapestry of the Dishonored’s main storyline.

Few videogame side stories conclude as thoughtfully as this, but before the revelatory encounter, there are two less interesting missions that take Daud back to one familiar location seen from a new perspective and one new location filled with familiar top hats.

Read on over at Thunderbolt.


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