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flynFly’n is the kind of game in which everything has eyes. Big, bold, bashful eyes, cute as buttons and shimmering with innocence. The plants have them, the anthropomorphic antagonist hair dryer has them and the player controlled critters have them, expressing emotions in a wordless world of squeaks and bleats. They’re a product of Fly’n’s visual inspiration, which channels the character and lush vibrancy of Botanicula’s fauna through the boldly contoured cartooning of Patapon and World of Goo, and it makes for a gorgeous, googly-eyed blend of influences.

The comparison with Amanita Design’s tree top adventure is also apt in terms of Fly’n’s story and setting, which revolves around a trash merchant named Dyer who has taken up residence in a number of trees, polluting the environments and enslaving their inhabitants. This provokes a band of tiny guardian creatures named Buds to make a perilous journey from root to branch in a bid to stop him.

Fly’n is gorgeous and adorable in terms of art style and premise, but simply being so is hardly a stand-out feature in a 2D platformer landscape brimming with gorgeous and adorable titles. It’s to the credit of developer Ankama Games then, that the quality of Fly’n’s vibrant visuals is matched by some solid gameplay, underpinned by an original set of platforming mechanics.

Read on over at Thunderbolt.


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