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20 Minutes of Loving

Chronologically fractured narratives are rare within videogames, but they really shouldn’t be. Blendo Games’ sequel to Gravity Bone, 30 Flights of Loving, starts at the start, ends in the middle, middles at the end and sporadically flits about the fourth dimension inbetween as liberally as Dr Who‘s Tardis, and it works wonderfully, creating a dramatic sense of immediacy that feels perfect for a 20 minute heist game.

There’s a certain lack of action for a game about a crime, but this is a drama that doesn’t require combat to create tension. Characters are introduced by 5 second, zooming camera montages showcasing their criminal abilities in action – ‘Demolitions, Mechanic, Sharp Shooter, Confectioner’ succinctly conveys everything you need to know about Anita’s back story and role.

What’s most impressive is that creator Brandon Chug simply trusts his audience to possess the intelligence necessary to piece together this shattered jigsaw of a story, which is delivered with panache, confidence, and a stylistic kitsch rarely found in gaming. And all of this without a single line of dialogue, on a 15 year old engine.



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