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An Indie Horror Renaissance

There’s been an unsettling presence within big budget survival horror game development of late and it’s not a bile spewing monster, a zombified horde, nor a creepy young child. No, it’s something much more sinister than any of those, a rotting issue running deep within the veins of the genre – dilution.

Many AAA horror franchises of yore can be characterised during this generation by their diversification into other genres, with the diminishment of pure horror design practically traceable.

Take the once terrifying Resident Evil franchise for example. Where there used to be shambling shufflers, there now resides spritely sprinters. And where a claustrophobic atmosphere of loneliness defined the first few games – all lingering shots of creaking doors and awkward angles of groaning corridors – roundhouses to the face and acrobatic attacks with your co-op partner define the latest. It’s a move toward action gameplay that series creator Shinji Mikami reflected upon in a recent CVG interview, where he stated that a Resident Evil 6 trailer looked “more like a Hollywood action film than a zombie game.”

Read on over at Thunderboltgames.


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