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Lunar Dreams

Personal Trip to the Moon is a short, monochromatic side-scroller with a deeply human subtext. It advertises itself as a game about dysphoria and astronauts, and it manages to be both of those whilst providing an experience open to personal interpretation, which isn’t bad considering it’s a debut flash game from promising young developer VOEC.

It takes its name from early cinema pioneer George Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon, and in gameplay and thematic terms it reminds of a somber version of Edmund Mcmillen’s Aether.

You play a sharp suited protagonist who wakes on a chair in what looks like a dimly lit interrogation room. Soon you take to the sky, swimming through the water-like texture of empty space on a trip to the moon.

It’s highly ambiguous throughout and lacks any really gameplay or puzzles, which will undoubtedly put some people off, but I would place it alongside games like Passage and Dear Esther, interactive short stories that let you wander through a visualised narrative, discovering at your own pace.

In that respect Personal Trip to the Moon is a fascinating, melancholic 15-minute adventure to take.

Check it out over on Newgrounds.


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