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Burden of Digital Dreams

Suicide is an alarmingly frequent topic throughout Indie Game: The Movie. Both Phil Fish of Polytron (developer of Fez), and Tommy Refenes of Team Meat (developer of Super Meat Boy) declare their intention to commit, should they be unable to finish their work or never make indie games again. It’s an unsettling sentiment, voiced with resolute honesty and one indicative of how the independent development process has affected their lives.

Indie Game: The Movie succeeds in highlighting this kind of personal insight from its subjects. Throughout the course of multiple interviews with four independent developers – Fish and Refnes are joined by the slightly less suicidal Edmund McMillen of Team Meat and Jonathon Blow (Developer of Braid) – we learn about their childhood influences, their approach to game design and the sacrifices each has made to go independent.

Read on over at Thunderboltgames


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