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Game of Thrones

The brutally dark medieval world of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels have all the makings of a brilliant videogame fantasy universe. There’s a world as vastly varied and detailed in climactic and cultural diversity as that of Tamriel, and its history is steeped in political warfare with a conservative sprinkling of magic and mythical creatures, much like that of The Witcher. Yet for all that promise Cyanide Studios’ handling of the license could hardly have produced a clunkier title, mired by some painfully trite RPG mechanics and technical issues. And yet to their credit they have done a decent job of adapting the mythology, exploring an interesting and previously undetailed point within the history Westeros’ timeline, with a story that flows nicely into the novels and keeps true to the tone and style of HBO’s television adaptation.

Read on over at Newgamenetwork.


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