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Silent Hill HD Collection

It can be a terrifying prospect, returning to re-mastered versions of classic titles. The mind is inevitably fraught with worrisome questions about what has been changed and whether any successful aspects of the original have been lost in the translation. Questions that are made all the more frightening when considering Hijinx Studio’s HD-ification of Konami’s classic horror series, Silent Hill.

What if, for instance, the increase in resolution actually detracts from the series trademark grimy aesthetic and highlights flaws that were once masked? What if the developers have viewed the transition to more powerful hardware as a chance to improve upon what they considered to be technological limitations, but were actually purposefully designed, claustrophobia inducing fog? And what if the inclusion of new voice acting is so horrendously lip-synced, that at times it breaks all sense of immersion and could lead you to believe it had been dubbed English in a Japanese version?!? Oh dear.

Read on over at Newgamenetwork.


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